“In the stock market, there are two fundamental rules to follow. The first is not to lose, the second is to never forget the first.”

Warren Buffet

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you make but by the seeds you sow.”

R.L. Stevenson

“When one has understood that misunderstanding is the lot of the human condition, there is no shame in being wrong, only in failing to correct one’s mistakes.”

George Soros

“The art of being sometimes very bold and sometimes very cautious is the art of success.”

Napoléon Bonaparte

“Nature only ripens the grapes, to crown the bouquet, you need the knowledge of the winemaker.”

Jean Maximon, winemaker



Since 2008, AdvisorOne S.A.. is an independent asset management company under Swiss law, headquartered in Geneva and affiliated with AOOS.
It specializes in customized international wealth management and planning and in dedicated financial consulting.

Its founder, with 30 years of experience, based on  ethics, confidentiality and listening,brings together the skills necessary to preserve and grow your wealth .

Becoming a client of AdvisorOne implies the beginning of a true partnership, based on a relationship of mutual trust, allowing the formulation of the best investment solutions.

In a complex and evolving global environment, we are committed to seeking out high value-added investment opportunities to achieve the best possible performance for your portfolio in relation to your risk profile.

AdvisorOne is a member of the AWAP Circle

Anne-Sophie Tourrette


Anne-Sophie Tourrette has 30 years of experience in the largest Swiss and international banking groups between New York, Paris, Luxembourg and Geneva. In 2007, her skills in wealth management enabled her to be named as a “Citywealth Platinium Advisor” among 100 European specialists in the world of finance, consulting and wealth management.

In 2008, she founded AdvisorOne SA, an independent asset management company. In 2011, together with 3 partners, she founded AWAP SA, a service community dedicated to wealth management.

From 2020, she specializes in supporting women in finance: training programs (webinars, masterclass, private courses), retirement asset management, the creation of a community of women in finance and the publication of an e-book in 2021

An independent service community with an innovative model, composed of independent asset managers who rely on trusted partners to offer security and performance to its clients.

WomenInvest accompanies women in all their financial decisions and also helps them to collect and manage their pension assets. WI offers training in financial management to help women become more independent.

It is about accompanying young people towards their financial autonomy. Understanding the importance of saving, making provisions and the overall management of their relationship with money is essential in order to establish a healthy and solid foundation for the future.



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